Giving Old Craft Supplies New Life

Our creative reuse program (aka: upcycling) collects preowned arts and crafts supplies and gives them a new life. Whether you have a pile of scrapbooking supplies you've realized you're never going to touch, or leftover yarn from a finished knitting project — we will help your craft supplies find a new home. Help support our small business and keep reusable items out of landfills at the same time!

See What We Accept

What Happens To The Materials You Donate?

Our Free Little Craft Library, located in our upstairs seating area, has a variety of fun craft supplies free for the taking.

The items we collect are sold at a low price in our store, making it possible for us to sell craft supplies at a more affordable price point.

We host free crafting events and workshops at Merry Pin each month, and the supplies we collect from the community help make that possible!

What We Accept

  • We Love:

    • Craft kits (any kind!)
    • Yarn
    • Crochet & knitting supplies
    • Jewelry making supplies
    • Mosaic making supplies
    • Embroidery & cross stitch supplies
    • Paint & painting supplies
    • Glue
    • Glue guns
    • Most other craft supplies, even if they aren't listed here!

    PS: If you have equipment (e.g., sewing machines, cricut machines, etc) or other high-end items, get in touch with us about our consignment program.

  • We Usually Can't Accept:

    There are a few things we can't accept on a day-to-day basis, though we may sometimes put out a call for them if we have a free community event or workshop planned where they'll be needed.

    • Toilet paper rolls
    • Egg cartons