About Merry Pin

Merry Pin is craft store + cafe + community space in NW DC offering products for hobby crafters, with a mix of high-end, affordable, and upcycled/consigned products; crafting workshops & experiences; and snacks and beverages to bring people together.

To be "in Merry Pin" means to be happy and in good spirits. That is the feeling we want to evoke with our brand and our offerings.

Arts & Crafts Supplies

A mix of affordable, high-end, and upcycled/pre-owned hobby craft supplies. Don't see what you need? Let us know—chances are we can order it for you!

On-Site Cafe & Coffee Shop

Grab a latte, craft cocktail, or an empanada at our on-site cafe and coffee shop. Check out our menu.

Classes & Workshops

Join us for classes and workshops on every hobby craft under the sun. View the schedule.

Services Galore

Check out a craft book through our lending library, reserve some time with a sewing or cricut machine, or let us plan your next crafting party. Learn more about our services.

Our Values

  • Inclusive

    Merry Pin is a space for everyone. Hard stop. That means regardless of demographics, ability, knowledge, orientation, or creed, we welcome all who want to share and learn a craft.

  • Accessible

    Learning something new can be intimidating! It's easy to wonder, is that for me? Will I be welcome there? At Merry Pin, we actively combat gatekeeping, division, and highbrow attitudes. We mean accessible in both the broadest and narrowest sense .

  • Sustainable

    At Merry Pin, we do our best to implement ethical and environmental practices. We manage our business to protect the environment and help others do so by carving a circular economy into the hobby craft space.

  • Merry

    Crafting, at the core, shoud be fun! We believe working with your hands is healing, and hope our store becomes a place people know they can come for a little spark of joy.

Our Team

  • Madeleine Odendahl

    Madeleine is an avid maker and crafter. She has been knitting since she was six years old and considers fiber crafts a generational legacy—a gift from her great-grandmother (a knitter and crocheter), her grandmother (a seamstress), and her mother (a crafter and ribbon enthusiast). Madeleine hasn't met a hobby craft she didn't love.

  • Michele Molotsky

    Michele has a background in union and community organizing and has always been interested in fiber arts: knitting, needlepoint and embroidery. She's always wanted to start a wool store/coffee and wine bar and this project is a dream come true.

  • Megan Flynn

    Megan lives in Petworth with her family, and has rediscovered her love of crafting since the pandemic. She loves making miniatures, candles, bath bombs, and enjoying a delicious cocktail.


Merry Pin, and the people behind it, are committed to diversity and inclusion, particularly working to create more equity and accessibility in the crafting space through our store and offerings. We are very aware that we are three White women in a city that is predominantly Black and has a vibrant immigrant community. Our hope is that we can use our platform to highlight and promote others, particularly queer crafters and crafters of color, creating a space where everyone is welcome to share their knowledge and learn something new. 

We believe creativity is better in community.